MARY LOU GRAHAM: Nature Shapes Photography

MARY LOU GRAHAM has been recognized in shows throughout the Chicagoland area for her sensitivity and technical skill, with each image known to evoke both the value of the natural world and of life. Her photographic images range from Illinois and Michigan to some of the most remote regions of the world through her travels with the National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions.

The opportunity for travel to some of the world’s wildest locations during the past twenty years with enlightened naturalists has enabled her to appreciate in person the pressures modern society is putting on the health of our worldwide environment. Leaving behind a business career allows her to participate in a tiny part of the education process required to provide future generations the opportunity to appreciate and interact with intact and unspoiled wild places.

Mary Lou notes: “Photography is a wonderful medium that captures and enhances the extraordinary beauty and natural moments available to all of us. My hope is to invite people to be yet more aware of those times in their own lives and to also become more aware of the need to conserve and save our natural wonders.”

“I consider the photographic process as a partnership between my camera lens, nature and the viewers of my work.”

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